I want you to specifically focus on me going back to California for summers to visit my Dad in the paper. Below are instructions from the Professor. Travel Memoir: 8-9 pages (at least 4 sources) Deliverables: Your assignment is to write a 8-9 page memoir that reflects back on a stretch time spent in a particular place. For instance, if youve lived in a different state or country for awhile, you could use this as a frame for your memoir. If you grew up spending summers in Cape Cod, this might be a good backdrop for your narrative. Another approach might be to write a going-back type of story, where you return to a place that youve been away from for awhile and discover that things are not the same as you remember them. Perhaps the place has changed, but havent you too? Be sure to integrate scene and reflection, facts and memory, people and place. Also, finding the right tone for your memoir will be essential for engaging a broad audience. The memoir should be written in first person and include vivid descriptions and details, dialogue, insights and self-knowledge. To enhance your understanding of the memoir, be sure to read through the memoir module, which features an excerpt from Russell Baker’s memoir, Growing Up, and an excerpt from Annie Dillard’s memoir, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. A Note on Sources Including sources can help the credibility (ethos) and also offer a broader context that can reach beyond the personal. That said, one approach might be to write a draft without the use of sources and then go back to see what parts (of that time and place youre writing about) could be enhanced by a reference to an interesting fact, statistic, happening, insight, etc. The possibilities for incorporating relevant and insightful support are vast. Please use sources from credible websites, articles, books, etc. Also, feel free to use primary sources: interviews, photographs, surveys, etc. Also, please note that you do not need to use all of the sources that you list on the Works Cited page as in-text citations. I’ll assume the other sources informed your essay in a more general way. Please use MLA format and style. For easy reference, here are links from Purdue OWL to: The MLA Formatting and Style Guide (Links to an external site.) The Works Cited Page (Links to an external site.) In-Text Citation (Links to an external site.) Points to consider: I will grade your memoir on how well-written and coherent it is, how it employs pathos, logos, and ethos, and how well it connects with a broad audience and reaches beyond the personal. I will also be factoring in the flexible rubric in the modules section, which details the following: audience awareness, purpose, genre, evidence, structure, exigency, and quality of writing. Please pay particular attention to issues of clarity, grammar, structure, coherence, syntax, timing, tone, honesty, discovery, creativity and completeness. You should try to avoid, eliminate, or minimize typographical errors, misspellings, incorrect or missing punctuation, and sentences that are too long, redundant, or misplaced.


Travel Memoir