True Christian Piety

Master LEVEL
You will write a short paper of two to three pages in which you will discuss a theme making use of the three sources you have chosen from The Renaissance Reader.
***(This is the Book) James Bruce Ross and Mary Martin McLaughlin, eds., The Portable Renaissance Reader, New York (Viking-Penguin) 1968. Please be sure your edition is dated 1968 or later.
*****(My three sources from the book)*****
1.Members of One Boby by Erasmus of Rotterdam (p.717-721)
2.The Faith of a Christian by Martin Luther (p.721-726)
3.Good Christian Disipline by John Calvin (p.738-741)

REFERENCE AND OTHER GENERAL WORKS — Required for your Short Source Paper
You will also make use of appropriate articles chosen from at least three of the reference works described under REFERENCE AND OTHER GENERAL WORKS

Note the excellent bibliographies in the books assigned for the course by Nauert and the many references in the other assigned books.

Encyclopedia of the Renaissance, Paul F. Grendler, editor in chief. CB 361 E52 1999 very up-to-date articles on all aspects of the Renaissance
Merry Wiesner, Women and Gender in Early Modern Europe, second edition
Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation, Hillerbrand, ed.
Charles Schmitt, & Quentin Skinner eds. The Cambridge History of Renaissance Philosophy.
J.H. Burns, ed. The Cambridge History of Political Thought: 1450-1700.
Contemporaries of Erasmus, Bietenholtz, ed. excellent biographies with bibliographies of many Renaissance individuals.



True Christian Piety