Revise this sentence to make it vivid: Hakeem was excited when the Seahawks won.
Writing Prompt:

For this assignment, compose a literacy narrative (3 page minimum) about a personal experience with language, reading, writing, or education. You can write about an experience that happened in school or somewhere else. Try to choose an experience that had an impact on you in some way, whether positive or negative. Before writing your draft, make sure you have read Writing a Literacy Narrative.docx from the Norton Field Guide to Writing.

Remember, a narrative should tell a story. Don’t try to organize your story like a five-paragraph essay.

Purpose: Your purpose as a writer is to communicate a meaningful experience related to language, reading, writing, or education that holds the reader’s interest and has a clear narrative point.

Key features of literacy narrative:

Well-told story (situation needs to be resolved)
Vivid, concrete language with sensory details
Narrative significance Be clear about what you learned from this experience and why it’s important to you.
Guidelines for writing:

Describe setting
Think about key people
Write about what happened
Consider significance
Refer to the Sample ENGL 101 paper format.docx for formatting requirements.
If you have concerns about grammar mistakes, I encourage you to use this free Grammar Checker to review your work before submitting.
Please note that Turnitin will also check all your paper submissions this quarter for plagiarism.


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