1. For this discussion board I chose to a drug counselor. A drug counselor is someone deal with people who have a range of problems such as alcoholism, addiction and depression. Some of the duties of a drug counselor are evaluate a client’s mental and physical health, work with your client and find behaviors or situations that interfere with the clients recovery, many more. The educational requirements of being a drug consular are that you have to have a bachelors degree and a license. As of May of 2021 that estimated salary of being a drug counselor was $48,520. From 2020 to 2023 the growth is estimated to grow 23%. To be honest the real reason I have picked this career path is because I am an recovering addict and one of the hardest this for me to have to deal with in the beginning was not having someone who completely understood and could relate to the things and feelings I was dealing with. Some of the charateristics of being a drug counselor are having the ability to listen to others when they are talking, having patience, agiain they need to have interpersonal skills, and many more.


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