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• You must deliver this assessment on time. Failure to do so will result in penalties. See the Diploma programme handbook for further information.
Details for late submission of assignment:
Work submitted Mark Deducted
on the due date after 1500 hours but before 1700 hours 5%
on the day following the due date up to 1700 hours 10%
on either the 2nd or 3rd day after the due date up to 1700 hours 20%
on the 4th day after the due date or later All marks deducted
• Plagiarism and / or collusion will attract severe penalties. Students should bear in mind that plagiarism (copying material from the internet or texts without refer-encing) or copying from other students will result in an automatic FAIL (0%). Re-fer to your unit outline for the UEA policy on plagiarism. Use the Harvard refer-encing system.

Read this assignment in full BEFORE starting it!
Assignment Description:
Your goal is to use your Knowledge of Heuristics usability principle (Human Com-puter Interaction (HCI)), marketing skills as well as e-business skills to improve a web site for a major re-launch. Your goal is to showcase your vision of the new brand while following the rules of usability as well as marketing you learned throughout the term. This can be further divided into the following 4 tasks:
Task 1 (Old web site evaluation)
Using Heuristics evaluation method, find usability problems with the web site (Please limit the website to either an E-education or an E- Business for rebranding) and fill out the Heuristics questionnaire (one questionnaire per group member) you will be given this in class.

Write a detailed summary of the problems you encountered whilst using the site on the questionnaire (this should be handed in with your other materials; see submission section below). Also state the changes that you will make in your new re-launch prototype and web site

Task 2 (Prototype design of new website)
Design a computer based prototype of your new e-business site include/ and com-plete the following:

• Use PowerPoint to design a prototype web site.
• The web site should have a minimum of six pages and a maximum of 9 pages
• The website should have typically have a homepage, help page and 4 addi-tional pages
Task 3 (Implementation of the design)

Now implement your prototype by designing an E-business site using FrontPage or Dream weaver software (HTML).

Including the following
• The web site should have a minimum of six pages and a maximum of 9 (make sure you link all your web pages).
• The website should have a homepage , help page and 4 additional pages ; maximum of 9 pages in total
• Get a classmate outside your group to evaluate the website( using the 10 Heuristics) before completion of the site
• All your web pages should be saved in a folder called ITPro-ject_Lastnameothernames ( for example ITProject_SmithJohn )

Task 4 (write a report)
Write a group report (word processed, 2- 3 pages), outlining how your group organised the work in terms of assigning responsibilities to each other, the approach used, a history of the development of the prototype and your website, justification for major decisions, and details of testing of and user reaction to the web site.
Items to be submitted:
Each group must submit the items below (items 1-3 are due in hard copy form at the drop box by the Welcome Desk before 15.00 hours on Thursday 20th.Feb, 2014)

1. A completed copy of evaluation questionnaire for each individual member

(Note: The questionnaire should include detailed summary of the usability problems found in the site you have chosen) as well as details on how their proposed new site will solve these problems (see task 4).

2. Printed copies of all the prototype web pages.

3. A written report 2-3 pages long (see task 4)

(**Students must also submit soft copies to be saved on your ‘my document’ folder before 15.00 hours on Thursday 20th. Feb, 2014(see task 3))


Group Information:
You are reminded that School regulations require you to check both your pigeonhole and your email on a regular basis. How you communicate within your group is something which should be established and adhered to early on. Individuals who fail to make proper arrange-ments will lose marks. Arrange outside class times when to meet. If there are any problems, or if some group members fail to attend meetings without a valid excuse, I should be in-formed. Finally, you are reminded that participation in the group is compulsory, and a solo submission will not be accepted.
Heuristic for User Interface Design Questionnaire
A heuristic is a mental shortcut that allows people to solve problems and make judgments quickly and efficiently.
Name of the web site evaluated: heurism
Students name and number:
IT Project Group number:
Please tick one response for each statement.
Statements strongly agree agree slightly
agree disagree
strongly disagree

1. The website keeps the user informed on what is going on

2. The language used on the website is simple and easy to understand
3. The website supports undo.
4. The website is consistent
5. The website tries to pre-vent errors
6. The website’s demand on the users’ memory is lim-ited
7. The website is easy to use.

8. The website is pleasing to look at; for example the colour scheme used on the interface is good
9. The instructions on the in-terface are clear.

10. There is good help pro-vided for the website.




Information Systems, Quantitative Methods and
Business Research, 1st intake Diploma Marking Scheme

Item to be Submit Contents Mark Out of
Group Report 2- 3 pages Introduction, conclusion, recommendation, and de-tails of testing of and user reaction to the web site and finally references. 30
Evaluation of old web site Using Heuristics evaluation method, find usability problems. 20
Prototype design of new website Using PowerPoint to design a prototype web site. The web site should have a minimum of six pages and a maximum of 9 pages. 25
Build New Web site & Demo as group work, (Task3) Designing an E-business Web site using (HTML Programming). 25


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