Please watch the videos below and answer the five prompts in five paragraphs

1. the materials focused around equity – ensuring that everyone has access to quality built environments and public spaces. Historically, this access has been inequitable, due in part to persistent, historically racist practices and policies within urban planning, architecture, and design. One of the reasons I wanted to introduce this topic, and devote a full week to it, is because I want to ensure that your assessments of the “success” of the public realm are centered around equity. So bearing that in mind, think through the “successful” public space you described previously – how do this weeks’ materials impact your original assessment? Would you say the same you described is equitable? Why or why not?

2. This weeks material gives us plenty of inspiration for designing spaces to facilitate the needs of diverse groups, like designing playgrounds with consideration for disabled individuals, or adding spaces to parks meant for the masses as opposed to just the elite. However, it is important to also consider what sorts of design choices we should avoid in planning. With this in mind, what are some potential mistakes that urban planners should be sure to avoid when making equitable spaces, and what might be an example of a design feature that you believe is exclusionary to a group of people, and how might this feature affect the value of the space overall?

3. After watching these videos, is there something you had never thought about, noticed, understood, experienced?  Why?

4. This week’s material has a video called “What would a city designed by women be like”. After seeing this movie and thinking about what we have learned in this class, do you think if designs in NYC maintain the balance between female and male right now, or you feel that male can get easier access to live in the city than female? (please find an example or a place to show your point) Does feminist philosophy about equity necessarily matter in the field of urban design? Any redevelopments which benefits female in the United States?

5. 3 things you learned; 2 questions you still have;1 way you think/want the week’s materials will impact your practice/career


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