US banking law Dodd-Frank
Topic 2. Dodd-Frank reforms (continued)
Topic 3. UK Banking & Finance law
Topic 4. EU Banking & finance law
As you have a limited word length I recommend that you focus your paper quite specifically.

Your task is to choose a topic and locate at least two peer-reviewed articles relating to the topic, preferably one in favour and one opposing the issue. You should analyse the articles in terms of the theory(s) espoused and the conclusion(s) reached. You should also include your own evaluation of the articles. You may support your conclusion by reference to other articles, newspaper articles, blogs and interest group papers.

You must include a bibliography and all referencing must be in accordance with the Law Faculty’s Guide to Written Communication which adopts the Australian Guide to Legal Citation.
Please submit this assessment online as a word document so that I can annotate and use 1.5 spacing, page numbers and size 12 font. A cover page is essential.


The criteria applied in allocating marks for this assessment are:

1. Analysis of issues
2. Development of arguments
3. Logical progression
4. Structure and organisation
5. Spelling, grammar, syntax
6. Style and expression
7. You should follow Australian Guide to Legal Citation style guide.
8. Please you must be divided each type of sources for example, books, journal articles , case study and case law.
9.Footnotes are not counted in the number of words.



US banking law Dodd-Frank