Intro (this paragraph should be relatively brief)

Attention getter

Background info (including full ID of author & title & a brief summary).

Thesis statement (arguments in article effective and/or ineffective, and why)


(You will  need more than three body paragraphs)

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Conclusion (brief)

          Wrap up ideas/ restate main point(thesis) in a different way

Level of Formality:

This is an academic essay analyzing a written argument, not a personal essay.

Avoid using first-person pronoun I

Avoid using second-person pronoun you

Use third person (the writer, he, people, etc.)

You may use first-person PLURAL form (We can see that ..)

Avoid slang (This lady is wacko)

Options for Organizing Body Paragraphs

Sections listed below do not have to be of equal length.

Discussion of one area may require several paragraphs,

while another area may require only one paragraph.

Appeals (Discuss strengths/weaknesses/overall effectiveness)

Does not have to be in the order listed below.


purpose, claim, reasons, evidence, fallacies (not necessarily in this order), authors treatment of opposing views, and refutation


the credibility of writer/common ground with audience/source of article/credibility of sources he quotes in article/credibility of his evidence, audience


evidence that fits within this appeal/positive and negative connotations/effectiveness of emotional appeals, figurative language (schemes and tropes), tone, styles


use the article : “Documents, claims bring NCAA medical care issues into question”