World History


*Analyze “The Ideal Muslim King” (Islam in India around 1300, the role of ruler and government in a Muslim state)

Today India is a predominately Hindu country with a sizable Muslim minority. India has, however, been ruled by Muslims for a large part of its history. Muslims started making inroads into India in the 8th century CE and over the centuries Islamic culture spread throughout India. An invasion by Turks and Afghans resulted in the Delhi Sultanate, giving Muslims control over northern India. These Muslim rulers established a firm foundation for Islam in India.

During the 1300s the Delhi Sultanate was under strain due to rebellions and economic turmoil. A document called the Treasures of Kings by Shaikh Hamadani outlined the role of governors and kings in Muslim governments. These rulers had certain duties to perform for their Muslim subjects. Think about why these Muslim rulers were obliged to take care of their subjects. Consider the specific acts of a benevolent ruler and how these acts could ensure a stable government.

Write an essay that explains the specific duties contained in the Treasures of Kings. Your essay should describe the importance of carrying out these duties and the consequences of not carrying out these duties based on India’s history of Hindu and Muslim influences.


World History