The introduction paragraph should do the following:
Engage audience and introduce the issue at hand.
Establish why the issue matters through background information.
Provide a thesis that identifies issue, stance, and overall recommendations for solutions.
The body paragraphs should do the following:
Discuss supporting points that relate to the thesis.
Support comes from facts, reasoning, example, and statistical evidence (but hold off on statistical evidence since research isnt allowed on this assignment).
Avoid using I and relying on personal experience (you can frame personal experience as hypothetical situations using your best logical reasoning).
Each paragraph should begin with a strong transition that also pays attention to the order of the supporting points.
Transitional words that signal importance and emphasis are vital to this genre of essay.
Least-to-most order or most-to-least is commonly used.
The conclusion paragraph should do the following:
Bring essay to a strong close by identifying solutions to the problem/and or making recommendations to the audience.
You dont want to discuss a problem without also discussing how to fix it.
Avoid introducing new supporting points and make sure solutions support the thesis.
Here are a few more items to consider:

*Please avoid second-person usage throughout this essay (uses of you should not be present in the essay). Instead of addressing the audience as you, use third person to establish a formal tone


write a persuasive/argumentative essay over an issue that you are passionate about.