This semester we have covered topics on God, free will, ethics, and personal identity. For your last writing assignment, I want you to pick an idea, theory, or argument we covered this semester that challenged a view you held coming into the class. Explain the view you held and the idea that challenged it. I’m not looking for your mind to have necessarily changed, but you should explain how the idea challenged one of your previous views.

You can find a list of the specific views we’ve covered below, or you can choose to write on a discussion day topic. Be sure to meet the minimum word requirement of 200 words and put your word count on the assignment.


God: Teleological Argument, Ontological Argument, and Problem of Evil

Free Will: Strawson’s Regress, Compatibilism, Libertarianism, Science and Free Will, and Moral Luck

Ethics: Rawls’ Theory of Justice, Nozick’s Libertarianism, Ethical Subjectivism, Divine Command Theory, Deontology, and Utilitarianism

Personal Identity: Dualism, Identity Theory, Memory Theory, and Body Theory


Writing Assignment 10